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In a bit of synchronicity, The Chronicle has a piece on peer editing tactics, and why peer editing sometimes fails, which is disgustingly apropos to my hurt feelings yesterday.

Getting back on the horse that threw me--pounding out 750 words really did help, as did the journal, and I ended up getting maybe 2000-odd words of prose out with few if any hurt feelings. One part of that was genuinely inspired and new (my best ideas come to me in the bathtub). So there's that, I guess.

I was thinking about my weird neuroses about writing while I was running IP yesterday. I'm very weak on the Self point, and indeed I think that's the issue here--I let my ideas get wrapped up too easily with the essence of me (whatever that is--still working on it). The idea of Self strikes me as very much connected with discernment and the ability to draw boundaries more generally, not just between Self and not-Self. To draw boundaries between:

me and my ideas,
the ideas and the text,
me and the text,
one idea and another idea,

--these are good, healthy things, and things to cultivate. (Perfect separation isn't desirable, of course--I am colored by my ideas, and they are colored with my essence and my mind--but I'm so far away from that issue right now that worrying about that at this stage in the work is pretty much laughable.)

I foresee a whole lot of banishing, kala, and the like in my future.



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